Legacy’s Favorite Holiday Treat

By Kim Durdin                                                                   November 2017

Legacy’s favorite holiday treat is enjoying a delicious Kringle.  A Kringle is a danish-like pastry, filled with fruits, nuts, cheese, etc. and then drizzled with icing.  It made us wonder about the history behind it.

This pastry was first introduced to America in the 1800’s by Danish bakers who had immigrated to Racine, Wisconsin.  The Kringle was originally pretzel shaped but has evolved into an oval shape to eliminate the unfilled, overlapping parts.

How good does a Kringle taste?  Consider this old folk tale:

Lars Larson, was on his deathbed in an upstairs bedroom.  His doctor had said Lars would last for only a matter of hours.  Lars woke from a deep sleep and sniffed.  His wife must have just returned from the bakery, and the aroma of freshly baked kringles brought a spar to Lars.  He whispered, “If I could just have a taste of kringle before I die, it would make my dying sweeter.”

He mustered every ounce of strength and got out of bed.  Slowly he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen, there he spied two kiringles on the counter.  Just as he was reaching out to take a piece, his wife swatted his had away.  “Stop that,” she said, “We’re saving these for the funeral.”

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