Legacy Consulting Group’s Coats for Kids

We decided last November to support Metrocrest Social Services this holiday season as our community service project.  In addition to donating our time, we wanted to provide them with much needed donations for their holiday store.  One of their busiest times of year is December when utility costs can rise, and meager household budgets can’t stretch to include holiday celebrations.  This is where Metrocrest Services steps in to help families and seniors.  They run the holiday store so families can “shop” and receive toys, gifts, boxes of food and new or gently used winter coats.

In working with them, they said they had a very large need for children’s coats.  We are fortunate enough to be blessed with generous and amazing clients, so we turned to you all to help us gather as many coats as possible to donate to Metrocrest.  We are so elated to tell you that because of your kind and giving hearts, we were able to donate 62 coats and $575 in cash to this very deserving cause.

We were also lucky enough to see our donations come full circle as we worked in the store one morning and were able to assist the families while they picked out their items from the holiday store.  They were so grateful for every item that they were able to select.  Seeing the joy on their faces as we helped them fill their carts, was the best gift any of us could have asked for this Christmas.

Thank you again for your generous spirit in helping us serve for our community. We wish each of you a beautiful and bountiful 2020.


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